A Retaining Wall Adds Appeal To Your Garden

As well as the practical benefits of avoiding erosion or damaged caused by a slope, a retaining wall can also give you the opportunity to develop a new feature within your garden.

When considering a retaining wall, one of the most important elements to consider is the material to use. You can pick between the likes of timber, stone, concrete and brick. In having a think about which material will both serve the purpose and complement your garden, you can really create a wall catered to your style.

All materials have their different aesthetic appeals.

Wood is great because it has fantastic depth of character due to its rustic vibe. Stone is also an excellent choice; with its modern and opportunity for a really unique look. Brick has a somewhat quirky but traditional feel, whereas concrete is highly versatile.

The possibilities are vast. You can use a retaining wall to create a patio area, flowerbed or terrace area, adding height and interest to your garden’s design.
With a little thought about materials and potential uses for the area, it really isn’t hard to turn a simple retaining wall into a truly appealing area of your garden.

Published on March 20th, 2015 by Tuff Yards

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